When things go wrong with a project, architectural investigations and consultation entail giving expert and unbiased building science and professional practice advice. These issues could range from cracking walls and leaking roofs, to conflict and disagreements among role players (client, contractor and professional team) because of ambiguities or flaws in a building contract. I engage with three areas in this field:


  • Damage Assessment for all Building Types:
    Extreme weather, the failure of structures, services and finishes, and accidents (or vandalism) are some of the causes of damage in buildings. I am qualified to assess such damage and provide an appropriate diagnosis together with a remedial course of action.

  • Expert witness Reports:
    An authoritative, objective and incontestably independent expert witness report often encourages opposing parties in a dispute to settle claims in an amicable matter. After a thorough investigation of the contract documentation and the works, I prepare reliable evidence in the form of an itemised evaluation report, photo/video documentation, interactive digital reports based on 3D modelling, as well as visual presentations for arbitration or court hearings. I can arrange cost estimates for any proposed rectification of the issues identified.


  • Evaluation of Professional Indemnity Claims:
    Professional indemnity claims are caused by alleged or actual negligence which occurred while providing a professional service. This includes giving incorrect advice, any omissions on the side of the professional and or his/her failure to deliver a service. In a process very closely related to expert witness investigations, I can advise the providers of professional indemnity insurance in a detailed report as to the cause of the problem, who is responsible, and recommendations for rectification.

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