South Africa needs buildings with an African identity, suited to her resources, climates and cultures. Apart from developing sustainable building technologies and innovative climate control measures, South Africans must also improve their understanding of socio-cultural needs, contextual considerations, and the appropriate use of space and form.

Those are all issues that I can research in order to inform your specific design criteria.​


  • Brief development for complex building types:
    Building regulations, town planning ordinances, land use conditions, energy saving requirements and the impact of neighbouring structures are a few of the factors influencing design decisions. Some complex building types may also pose challenges pertaining to purely functional issues such as circulation patterns and lighting levels. In addition, the history of a site may present opportunities regarding context and culture. I am able to assist by researching and interrelating all these aspects and providing your design team with a brief, containing prioritised criteria and minimum thresholds. This will save you valuable time. I use the latest version of ArchiCAD. This ensures seamless connection to the 3D modelling systems of other building environment practices.


  • Architectural guidelines and design scrutiny for estate developers:
    The most successful estates, whether residential, commercial or mixed use, are all designed according to guidelines that aim to achieve aesthetic harmony, a particular ambience, and to ensure private outdoor spaces as well as prevent overshadowing and overlooking. Such guidelines must respond to market trends and tastes, and it is vital that they respect the context. Apart from performing this pre-design development, I am also skilled at scrutinising design submissions for compliance.   


  • User preference/client requirement surveys and analyses:
    The correct use of questionnaires and interviews, and their subsequent analysis by means of the appropriate statistical tools, is capable of providing designers with an exact profile of the preferences and dislikes of potential users, whether in the residential, office or commercial sector. Such objective data will assist both developers and architects to make informed, rather than intuitive, decisions.


  • Post-occupancy/user satisfaction surveys and analyses:
    Feedback is critical for property developers. What did they do right and what should be done differently in the future? I shall establish this for you.


  • Surveys and assessments for portfolio managers:
    Portfolio managers need up-to-date general layout drawings and assessments of building-physical conditions. These can be provided in both 2D and 3D form, complete with interactive digital reports.


  • Surveys of undocumented properties for owners:
    Many homes are sold for which no approved drawings exist any longer. I am able to measure and redraw such properties and submit them as as-built drawings for municipal approval. In the process I shall also list remedial work required to ensure compliance with regulations, and to avoid potential damage.


  • Monographs for publication of selected projects by architectural practices:
    Accomplished architects often wish to submit buildings for awards or showcase them in architectural journals. I will be able to write a critical appraisal of such buildings and ensure that they are appropriately illustrated. Practices sometimes wish to celebrate milestones with monographs, books about their work. I can compile such monographs, have them properly edited and the pages professionally laid out, as well as arrange for and supervise their printing.

Geral Steyn Architect